About Us

Happy Accidents is a small batch winery out of Santa Barbara County, California with relationships up and down the coastline, where we source our grapes and our wine makers produce some of the most interesting, multi-level, and avant-garde natural wines in California. Our small batch process means we get to keep things interesting with experimental blends and single-origin gems, while always keeping the classics on deck. 

It’s no accident our wine makers are strategically scattered in the most regarded wine regions throughout California, lending the selection of only premium grapes stemming from unique and unsuspecting varietals for our small batch curations and experimental blends. 

Our wines are meticulously crafted in small quantities to ensure exceptional quality. Through an array of unique and tantalizing methods, infused with immense care and dedication, we create an exquisite range of wines. Our aim is not only to quench the thirst of those seeking a satisfying beverage, a responsibility we take quite seriously, but also to evoke immense pleasure for aficionados of natural wines, connoisseurs with discerning taste in wine, adventurous individuals who appreciate the finer things in life, and passionate wine enthusiasts from all corners of the world. In essence, we extend a warm invitation to everyone to indulge in the serendipitous experience that is Happy Accidents.